Chef Dušan Svoboda and his team prepare a special offer for you every day.


Seasonal menu

Tartar of roast pork on dark beer with bread chips, mustard sauce and pickles 139 Kč
100g Thickened duck hearts on marjoram and bacon 99 Kč
0,33 l Mushroom Velouté with fried champiognon, mushroom brioche and Parmesan 119 Kč
200g Tafelspitz – cooked beef with bone marrow, vegetables, potatoes and apple horseradish 249 Kč
  Baked stuffed buns with cheesecake-apple, plum and poppy seeds, coulisse pear, plum jelly, vanilla sauce and caramel crisps 129 Kč


Homemade smoked marinated salmon with dill sauce and toasts
175 Kč
70g Prague ham off the bone with horseradish and marinated onions, pastry 155 Kč
100g Beef tenderloin tartar and 4 pieces of toast 199 Kč
150g Selection of cheeses with nuts and homemade marmelade, pastryVEG 169 Kč
80g Beetroot carpacio with goat cheese and ruccola, vinaigretteVEG 159 Kč
70g freshly roasted salted almondsVEG 85 Kč
100g Marinated olives with thyme and rosemaryVEG 75 Kč

Salad plates

Tomato slices with Mozzarella, basil pesto and olivesVEG
165 Kč
Greek salad with olives and marinated Balkan cheese, vinaigretteVEG
165 Kč
Leaf salads with grilled goat cheese on crispy toast with honey mustard dressing and tomatoesVEG
179 Kč
Salad „NICOISE“ (marinated tuna, tomatoes, red onion, baked potatoes, eggs, marinated olives, beans, leaf green salads, spicy dressing with capers and basil)
199 Kč
Salad „CAESAR“ romaine lettuce, crutons, Parmesan shavings and dressing VEG
189 Kč
Salad „CAESAR“ romaine lettuce, crutons, Parmesan shavings, dressing and chicken and roasted bacon
244 Kč
1 pc
Roasted garlic French baguette
39 Kč
1 pc
7 Kč

Freshly baked baguette with herb butter

1 pc 
Smoked cheese, dried tomatoes, chickpeas cream, green salad, garlic-yoghurt dressingVEG 169 Kč
1 pc Tuna, tomatoes, onion, lemonn 169 Kč
1 pc Chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, spicy dressing 169 Kč
1 pc Prague ham off the bone, onion, pickles, radish mayonanise 169 Kč

Hot food

0,33l Soup of the day 59 Kč
0,33l Beef broth Slavia (strong beef broth with meat, meat dumplings, pancake noodles and vegetables) 69 Kč
150g Wiener sausage with horseradish, mustard and pastry 135 Kč
100g baked ham with eggs, pastry 135 Kč
250g Creamy mushroom risotto with slices of ParmesanVEG 199 Kč
1 pc Pancake with spinach, Blue cheese, bacon and cream, sprinkled with cheese 185 Kč
1 pc Pancake with smoked salmon, broccoli, hollandaise sauce and horseradish 199 Kč
250g Tagliatelle with bolognese ragu, olive oil and Parmesan 189 Kč
150g Grilled chicken breast with spinach and onion and mashed potatoes with lovage 229 Kč
200g Turkey steak with Kenyan beans with bacon, pepper sauce and baked potatoes 269 Kč
¼ Roasted duck, red sour cabbage and potato dumplings with fried onion 259 Kč
150g Old Prague beef goulash with onion, horseradish, pickled paprika and variation of Czech dumplings 219 Kč
150g Beef fillet with cream sauce, cranberries and dumplings 229 Kč
200g Grilled beef steak of sirloin with pepper sauce, Kenyan beans with bacon and roasted potatoes 499Kč
150g Pork tenderloin schnitzel roasted in almond crumbs and fine potato salad with apples and mayonnaise 259 Kč
250g Slow-roasted pork belly for 12 hours with homemade czech gnocchi, sour cabbage with bacon and fried onion 229 Kč
200g Grilled fish fillet according to daily offer, with roasted spinach, Dutch sauce and mashed potatoes 389 Kč


2 pc sweet cakes with whipped cream and caramel sauce 59 Kč
1 pc Sachertorte “Slavia” with chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream 129 Kč
1 pc Hot apple strudel with nuts, ice cream and whipped cream 119 Kč
1 pc Choice from daily cakes – (by the number in the fridge case) 89 Kč

Sweet crѐpes

1 pc Crѐpe Slavia with cream cheese, ice cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream 129 Kč
1 pc Crѐpe with nougat cream, ice cream, whipped cream and caramelized nuts 129 Kč
1 pc Crѐpe Helios with vanilla and chocolate sauce, whiipped cream, peach and banana 129 Kč

Ice cream cups

  „Slavia“ – fresh fruits, three kinds of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate, nuts and eggnog 129 Kč
  „Viennese Caramel“ – vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and nuts 129 Kč
  „A la CHEF“ – pistachio, nuts and strawberry ice cream, vanilla sauce, forest fruit sauce, whipped cream and nuts 129 Kč
  1 scoop of Schöller ice cream 62 Kč